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PDMA's mission is to improve the effectiveness of people engaged in developing and managing new products - both new manufactured goods and new services. This mission includes facilitating the generation of new information, helping convert this information into knowledge that is in a usable format, and making this new knowledge broadly available to those who might benefit from it. A basic tenet of the Association is that enhanced product innovation represents a desirable and necessary economic goal for firms that wish to achieve and retain a profitable competitive advantage in the long term.

The PDMA Ontario Chapter is to encourage and foster growth in the development of long term innovation and new products in Ontario. To support this mission, the Chapter is committed to facilitating and providing networking, knowledge sharing and overall learning opportunities and events for Ontario New Product Development Professionals. A belief of the Ontario Chapter is that innovation and new product development are necessary for Ontario's economic survival in the increasingly competitive global economy.


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Palladium is one of the few companies in North America that focuses on all aspects of the Product Development Life Cycle to deliver world class solutions.  By using our in house stage gate/process that is streamlined with Voice of the Customer, Business Drivers and Technical Challenges for each phase that utilizes our engineering skills and tools as required.  For additional information please see our website. 




Bereskin & Parr is proud to be the first official Professional Services sponsor of the PDMA Ontario Chapter.

Bereskin & Parr is a leading Canadian intellectual property law firm and serves clients in over 100 countries worldwide.  With its 250 people, including more than 75 lawyers, patent and trade mark agents, and technical consultants, Bereskin & Parr is consistently rated in Canada as the market benchmark for intellectual property law. More information on the firm can be found at www.bereskinparr.com


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