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About PDMA

PDMA's mission is to improve the effectiveness of people engaged in developing and managing new products - both new manufactured goods and new services.


About the Ontario Chapter

Our chapter was established by a team of professionals and relies on the volunteer work of its members. Currently we are the only PDMA chapter in Ontario. We invite all PDMA members and other professionals to participate in our chapter's activities.

The mission of the PDMA Ontario Chapter is to encourage and foster growth in the development of long term innovation and new products in Ontario. To support this mission, the Chapter is committed to facilitating and providing networking, knowledge sharing and overall learning opportunities and events for Ontario New Product Development Professionals. A belief of the Ontario Chapter is that innovation and new product development are necessary for Ontario's economic survival in the increasingly competitive global economy.


Our chapter serves the professional community in our area and membership is open to people with direct interests in product development and management. We are a chapter of the PDMA and enjoy the benefits provided by the national organisation as well as the co-operation with other chapters in the US. We also comply and align with PDMA's directions and strategy and one of our goals is to increase membership in the national organisation.

There is no formal process to become a member of our chapter. We consider you as a member when you provide your contact information and join our activities.

What participating in our activities can do for you?

  • Opportunities to meet other product development and management professionals
  • Access to local job bank. Active members can post their resume online
  • Opportunities for continued learning by attending our events
  • Study and take the exam for the NPDP certification in our area
  • Opportunities to participate on our board and/or be a chapter officer
  • PDMA members enjoy special rates for many of our events and services




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